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Adaptive Design vs. Responsive Design

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web!

What are the pros and cons of responsive and adaptive design? As a Web/Graphic Designer I’m still trying to figure out which one is the better approach. I think because responsive and adaptive design are new concepts there isn’t any one correct answer. Like most rules of layout and design they can be broken once you have a understanding of them. Every project should be unique, ultimately functionality and user experience should decide which approach you take. This article does a great job of explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Design Flyers That Generate Business

Flyers Layout!

Designing club/promotional flyers is a great way to make money on the side, build up your design skills, and create a dynamic portfolio. The three most important highlights of a flyer are:
1. When (the time and the date)
2. Where (address, building name, landmark close by)
3. What (the title/name of the event, usually tied into a theme)
These three sections of the flyer need to have the most emphasis. They should standout on there own and have priority over secondary information.

So your having a huge blowout party! The first thing you want people to know is when. This section should be clearly visible, bold, and standout. You want to place the date in the upper portion of the layout or in the middle in addition to the what. You can write out the day, month, and year or make it numerical 10.10.15. Use with ever on fits best in your layout. Be creative play with font sizes, bold and thin fonts, and color.

This is the title of the flyer, the WHAT is the most important component of the layout. It sets the tone for the event. Making the title exciting by using different design effects and fonts makes people want to know more. Get creative! Keep in mind the fonts you choose and the effects you apply should compliment the imagery that you include in the layout. For example, if your having a high-end event where people are expected to dress up you may want to use a script font. If the event is birthday celebration at a club you might use a bold font.

Surprisingly, I have designed flyers for promoters who forget to add the location of the event on there flyers. People need to know where the event is being held. This is another area you want to add emphasis on. The location should go at the bottom of your layout. If possible use the building logo of where the event is being held. Using the building logo adds a level of professional to your flyer and creates easy recognition. Next, you just need to add the address under the logo and your good to go.

In conclusion, if you want to design a successful flyer make sure you keep these three things in mind. Designing flyers is a great way to build up your skills, make money, and add work to you portfolio. If you have any questions or need design work send me a message.


eBook Design for IT Company!

Just Finished eBook Design!

This a eBook design I just finished for a IT company. They are in the process of rebranding. Direction from the client was to use there existing colors for branding and icons instead of imagery.


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