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And then there was Lhino!

Hybrid Animal Series!

I’ve been seeking inspiration to work on some new designs. I find inspiration in so many places and things but the one place that never fails is nature. Mother nature is the greatest designer of all. I’ve always had a respect for the regal stature of the lion, and wanted to do a piece capturing it’s strength. At the last second I decided the lion wasn’t enough and I wanted to add a mythical feel. Looking to nature again I used a rhino horn to create a Lhino. In the end, the Lhino has inspired me to create a series of hybrid mythical animals. I will make a t-shirt , and maybe some stickers with the designs


HTC Vive: Virtual Reality, It’s A Brave New World!

Are You Ready for Virtual Reality?

Holy Smokes! This weekend I had a chance to demo the HTC Virtual Realty headset. HTC completely nailed the feeling of making me feel like I was in another world. As a graphic designer I was impressed, the graphics were extremely detailed and life like. The ability to move and interact with the space is game changing. Im not a gamer, but I would become one if I had this system. I think this virtual reality technology would be beneficial across a variety of industries, especially with training. I just hope it doesn’t create a culture of people more disconnected than we already are. To check out more on this amazing new gadget visit

A Design Workflow Tutorial for Developers: Deliver Better UI/UX On Time

In a industry that is forever changing it’s more important that designers and developers communicate to successfully execute projects. While designers should create with functionality in mind, working closely with and trusting the expertise the  developer will ensure you have a successful result. This article is a great tutorial of a design and developer workflow.


eBook Design for IT Company!

Just Finished eBook Design!

This a eBook design I just finished for a IT company. They are in the process of rebranding. Direction from the client was to use there existing colors for branding and icons instead of imagery.



Love terriers? Love Boston?

I’ve always wanted go to Boston. It seems like it would be a cool city. I know they have deep history, rich culture, and traditions. I’ve had a chance to see New York, Philly, Rhode Island, New Jersey, even Vermont. So I hope one day I can check out Boston. I live in Maryland and have a min pin named Twix. I have friend in Boston that has a Boston that is scrappy and full of energy. I guess that just comes with being a little dog or little person lol. I like doing designs based on the persona of a city. In this case I combined Boston Celtics colors with the Boston Terrier and the word Boston. So if you love Boston or Boston Terriers this is for you.



Beware of the Media.

Check your third eye open. The media is used as tool of de-evolution and social control. As a graphic designer in marketing I understand the power certain words and images have to influence emotions and reactions. Everyday I see on TV, the internet, or the radio programming that is used as a distraction. The question is a distraction for what?


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